At the farm/walking distance:

Activities in and around the house:

Just relaxing at the house in the hottub, in the garden or by the pool table. Let the kids enjoy the trampoline, playing football or badminton in the garden or take some bread and see if the goats or the sheep want to eat from their hand. Take out the boat or canoe for a ride and see if you get some fish. Go hiking in the immediate surroundings, walking up to a small mountain or crossing the pedestrian bridge to a small, uninhabitated island just below the house. Or just take lunch outside at the picnic place on the farm with a stunning view.


The Gisholmen island

For guests with kids: Bring a small thin rope and a small piece of fish that you attach to it. Walk down the path to the fjord and stop at the small walking bridge that connects the mainland with the small uninhabited Gisholmen island (on the picture). Go onto the bridge, throw out the rope and your kids will be delighted to see the small crabs getting onto your rope.

The Langøyna island

This is the uninhabitated island just below the holiday home and just opposite the boathouse. Take the canoe, get to the island and find some paths that the goats grazing there have made. You can walk anywhere on the island. Wonderful scenery. Personally, I prefer the southern part along the coast (a bit to the right when you go out from the boathouse)

Hiking trail at Sundsbø (“Steinfjellet” or "Kolåstoppen")

Walk back up to the road, turn right on the grass road just before getting to the brown cabin. Go through the gate in the fence (remember to close the fence!). As you move up the hills, you have wonderful views. You have the option of 3 km, 5 km or 9 km. 

The Nautevågen public beach

Small charming beach just 1,5 km from the house. Go back the Sundsbøvegen road for a kilometer and it's the second road down to your left (a few hundred meters before the end of the Sundsbøvegen road). You can also use the boat to get there.